Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hybrid Lacing System (Black Magic Spokes)

We are one step further on our own concept for a complete wheelset, after some tests and lacing few wheels, we will get some more conclusions on the behaviour and reliability of the design. The stiffness looks superb and that will allow us to decrease the number of spokes in the wheelset, probably it will be possible 24 spokes for 26er and 28 spokes for 29er. We like the 24 spokes option because that will allow us for a specific lacing patern that will enhance the properties of our Hybrid Lacing System. Black Magic Mama!!

Vinyl test report

They are working nice at the moment, just adding miles...


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Carbon flex pivot "air moulding" (aka mouldless process)

Our friend David got broken his Yeti 575 frame. One of the carbon flex pivots showed a deep crack transversal to the seatstay, only a thin carbon layer remained intact but it was very close to split apart the pivot. We decided to try a fast reparation via "air moulding" a new flex pivot. The process starts by cutting and preparing the original one, then a small piece of UD carbon sheet is bonded, the carbon fiber is arranged lengthwise to take the flexion stresses once in service. Some extra carbon properly layed up and the new flex pivot is refurbished and ready to be reattached to the frame.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

News about Vinyl rotors

Here you have them, as I promised, the pictures of the freshly produced last prototypes, in some days we will have something more to post... First version combines a 6 bolt IS standard custom carbon spider and a stainless brake race with aluminium rivets, both, at 2mm thickness, are too beefy and we will cut down some weight in the production version being 1.8mm. Weights are for 180, 160 and 140mm.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Litescalpel and the love for scrap

I post you a good example of what is possible to do with your loved old frame, which after thousands of pleasure miles, got forgoten in a basement, with the rear triangle broken and waiting for a scrapyard... or a totally new life!!

The owner of this bike is a crazy customer that decided to bring back to life his litespeed obed FS from the nineties, we appreciate the freedom he gave us, and the final result, after a generous budget for what was suposed to be a death piece of metal, 9200 grams of scrap.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Lefty steerer

We like to give the best, that's why we present this third version of our lefty steerer. Three different configurations ara available, depending on your frame, cannondale onepointfive, traditional 1-1/8" and tapered frames, so you can now enjoy the lefty performance and use a 1-1/8" stem independently of your rig. We use custom carbon tubes, with studied fiber orientation and a kevlar inner layer that gives an extra improvement in stiffness and anticollapse beheaviour of the super-stiff tube.

Machined 7075T6 rings with lightness in mind complete the set that also makes possible to use XL lefties thanks to the 250mm length. Sub 90gr for 1-1/8" headsets and uncut tube!!